MA in Contemporary Faith and Belief


If you have an enquiring and philosophical mind this MA will enable you to join a timely debate about the role of faith and belief in the contemporary world.

MA in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy


The MA in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy will give you an in-depth understanding of Pastoral Theology as it relates to the goals of chaplaincy and pastoral care.

MA in Christian Spirituality East and West


With our MA in Christian Spirituality East and West, you will join a lively debate on the meaning and the role of spirituality in the context of the Christian traditions as well as in today’s multi-cultural and multi-religious environments.

Postgraduate Short Courses


These modules form part of the ARU MAs and are open to all MA students as part of their degree. These courses are also open to others for credit or pure enjoyment/enrichment (non-credit) at a reduced fee.

Religious Life Institute


The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology has been embarked on research in the area of the vitality of religious life for some years.



This is an emerging project run by Dr Anna Abram, Dr Gillian Paterson and Mrs Jo Jacques.