Postgraduate Student Accommodation

We offer self-catered accommodation of 32 rooms within 3 areas:

  • The Harding Wing – a newly refurbished area with en-suite bathrooms
  • Lady Margaret House – an Edwardian style building with traditional rooms and shared bathrooms
  • Female-only Wing – an area of four rooms with shared bathrooms

We are happy to arrange tours of individual rooms, the common areas, and the garden.  For those unable to visit us in person,  we can supply photographs of the rooms.  Please contact the House Manager, Lynda Turner at

The Harding Wing 

The Harding Wing is a three-storey brick accommodation block built in the 1980’s but totally refurbished inside during Spring 2020.  One side of the building overlooks our beautiful large private garden, and the other side overlooks Champneys Walk, with mature trees and views across to Newnham College.  The building features mid-century modern design with large double-glazed windows and high ceilings. 

Harding Wing – The Rooms 

There are 11 bright and airy rooms on the first and second floors with grey/white painted modern furniture, white walls, blue black-out curtains, and striped carpets.  All rooms have en suite bathrooms with showers, except Room 30/31 has a separate bathroom with a bathtub and shower and a separate study room. 

Common Areas 


Residents are assigned either a large country-style kitchen or a smaller efficient kitchen both on the ground floor of the adjoining Lady Margaret House, originally a large Edwardian family home fronting onto Grange Road  The kitchens are well equipped, with several cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and allocated locked storage cupboards.  We supply a many pans, pots, utensils, tea towels, washing liquid, and dishes for cooking and serving.   Kitchens are cleaned each weekday, but residents are equally responsible for keeping the areas clean and tidy – ready for the next person’s use.

Second Floor Kitchenette. On the second floor, there is a compact kitchenette with a seating area complete with a refrigerator, sink, microwave and toaster oven.  This area may be used  as an alternative food preparation/eating area, particularly for residents on the second floor of the Harding Wing. 

In Lady Margaret House, there is a large comfortable Common Room, laundry rooms, the Lash Library, and an Oratory.  There is also a Chapel, part of which serves as the library for the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology.  The buildings are surrounded by a quiet, well-maintained garden complete with fruit trees and a kitchen vegetable plot for the residents.



The entire Institute has fast and reliable wifi through “eduroam” (education roaming for research which is the secure, worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. This is the preferred option for wireless access during your time in Cambridge since once it is configured correctly, it will automatically connect with no further user interaction most everywhere you go within the colleges and university buildings.  All internet access within the Institute is governed by the rule set out by the University of Cambridge Information Service  If you do not have eduroam access, we can supply access to the same network within our buildings.

Furniture and Fittings

Each room contains a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk and chair, bedside table, and a single bed. Some of the larger rooms have an upholstered reading chair. You may not bring your own furniture or curtains into your room. The furniture and curtains, as supplied, cannot be removed from your room.

Rooms have black-out curtains and are fully carpeted. Beds are a single size and have mattresses and a mattress protector fitted. For those not wishing to bring their own bedding, we can provide a bedding pack (duvet, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, blankets) for an additional fee.


Central heating is provided in all the buildings from October through April. The radiators allow you to control the heating in your room. No air conditioning is provided.


Weekday cleaning is done each day in the common areas and kitchens. Residents are responsible for the tidiness of their own rooms, washing up their own dishes, making their beds, and helping to keep the common areas clean, especially the kitchens.

One day each week, the ensuite bathroom is cleaned by MBIT staff, and a schedule of cleaning will be agreed with you at the start of your occupancy.


Washers and Dryers, drying racks and irons/ironing boards are provided free of charge.


Margaret Beaufort Institute is in the Newnham area of Cambridge, a ten-minute walk to the Sidgwick site, and near to Wolfson, Newnham, Darwin and Selwyn Colleges.

Harding Wing – Rooms Floor Areas and 2022 2023 Monthly Rent 

Please refer to the map of each floor to see the position of the room within the building. 

Room Number Area m2 Rent Per Month
HW First Floor Room 17 Bedroom 14.10 En suite 3.93 = Total m2 18.03 £808.00
HW First Floor Room 18 Bedroom 8.60 En suite 3.82 = Total m2 12.42 £744.00
HW First Floor Room 19 Bedroom 10.93 En suite 2.43 = Total m2 13.37 £744.00
HW First Floor Room 20 Bedroom 8.99 En suite 2.29 = Total m2 11.27 £744.00
HW First Floor Room 21 Bedroom 9.82 En suite 6.03 = Total m2 15.85 £754.00
HW First Floor Room 22 Bedroom 9.27 En suite 2.30 = Total m2 11.57 £744.00
HW Second Floor Room 27 Bedroom 11.62 En suite 2.63 = Total m2 14.24 £754.00
HW Second Floor Room 28 Bedroom 9.34 Ensuite 2.56 = Total m2 11.90 £744.00
HW Second Floor Room 29 Bedroom 12.29 En suite 2.73 = Total m2 15.02 £776.00
HW Second Floor Room 30/31 Bedroom 9.23 and Study 8.92 (with private bathroom
– bathtub with shower over) = m2 20.65
HW Second Floor Room 32 Bedroom 12.99 En suite 2.88 = Total m2 15.87 £776.00

Lady Margaret House and Female-Only Wing

Room Floor Areas and 2022 2023 Monthly Rent 

Please speak to House Manager for more information on these rooms. 

Room Number Area m2 Rent Per Month
LMH First Floor Room 1 Bedroom 14.81 m2 £636.00
LMH First Floor Room 2 Bedroom 15.6 m2 £636.00
LMH First Floor Room 3 Bedroom 13 m2 £609.00
LMH First Floor Room 4, 5, 6, 7 Not available £0.00
LMH First Floor Room 8 Bedroom 10.5 m2 £577.00
LMH First Floor Room 9 Bedroom 15.36 m2 £636.00
LMH First Floor Room 10 Bedroom 12.2 m2 £577.00
LMH Second Floor Room 11 Bedroom 13.66 m2 £581.00
LMH Second Floor Room 12 Bedroom 15.96 m2 £571.00
LMH Second Floor Room 13 Bedroom 13.44 m2 £571.00
LMH Second Floor Room 14 Bedroom 8 m2 £491.00
LMH Second Floor Room 15 Bedroom 15.1 m2 £550.00
LMH Second Floor Room 16 Bedroom 26 m2 £720.00
FW First Floor Room 23 Bedroom 11 m2 £580.00
FW First Floor Room 24 Bedroom 11 m2 £604.00
FW First Floor Room 25 Bedroom 13 m2 £650.00
FW First Floor Room 26 Bedroom 12 m2 £636.00

Find out More….

Please check with Lynda Turner, the House Manager to confirm availability of a specific room or rooms.

We normally only rent for the entire academic year, from September/October to end of June.  You may extend your residence over the Summer.

During the year some rooms may become available and may be available for shorter periods. 

If you are interested in a room, please complete and email an enquiry form to Lynda Turner, House Manager.  Download here:

MBIT Accommodation Enquiry Form 2022 2023 20220607

A template copy of 2021 2022 MBIT’s License to Occupy can be found here:

MBIT Residents License to Occupy 2021 2022 V1 20210517

For more information, please email our House Manager at 

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