Servant Leadership Programme

This programme is designed to enable school leadership teams to review their leadership style through a theological lens.  The framework for the sessions builds upon the baptismal vocation that all receive to be prophet, priest and king, looking at how that vocational calling can be lived out within a teaching ministry in schools.

The six sessions are an hour long, each containing prayer, theological input, time for reflection and group work and suggestions for practical ways of implementing ideas of Servant Leadership. The programme is designed to be delivered each half term over a school year.

Session One:  Introduces the Idea of servant leadership, using scripture to explore what does Servant Leadership mean within a Christian/catholic context.

Session Two: Nurturing Servant Leadership.  Builds on work done in first session, uses the Still Small Voice text to consider where God is speaking within the midst of the business of school life.

Session Three:  considers the idea of the Servant-King, looking at what the Baptismal Kingly vocation means in terms of Servant Leadership.  This develops the idea of Stewardship and how to nurture and develop others.

Session Four: considers the idea of the Servant-Priest. This looks at developing the baptismal priesthood we are all called to within Servant Leadership, ways of nurturning and encouraging community spirituality and faith. Worship.

Session Five:  considers the idea of the Servant-Prophet.  Looking at how working this way can be prophetic – how it is forthtelling and fore telling.

Session Six:  Reviews the whole programme, asking the important question about the difference the programme has made to school leadership teams. The session concludes with a liturgy recalling the baptismal vocation each is called to and praying for all involved as they develop their servant leadership styles.

Designed and delivered by Dr Sue Price, Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology.

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