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MBIT is dedicated to the Higher Education of Catholic women.  We believe the formation of women’s theological voices is vital to the integrity of the Church. With the worldwide crisis of too few priests and their loss of authority the Catholic Church will only survive and thrive because of the active support of lay people; women in particular.

To do this women should be able to match the spiritual and intellectual integrity of the men on whom the Church relies. This requires education and role models.

As it approaches its 30th anniversary, MBIT offers a distinctive voice to the Church and to society. We need your help to amplify that voice.

Bank Details for Donations :

Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology  Sort Code 20 17 19  Account Number 60342181  Barclays Bank, 9 – 11 St Andrews Street Cambridge CB2 3AA

If you would like to donate any amount or through a legacy, please email Finance at to get instructions.  We operate under the GiftAid scheme for UK taxpayers.  If you donate by bank transfer, please put your name in the reference field.  Thank you!

Thank you!  Matched Giving Campaign for the Flourishing of the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, in memory of Professor Nicholas Lash has reached its target of £20,000 by Easter 2021!

Professor Nicholas Lash was a founder and lifelong supporter of the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, devoted to the theological education of Catholic women.  The Lash family generously offered to match £ for £ any gifts given in Prof Lash’s memory until Easter 2021, up to a total of £10,000.  Sincere thanks to all who contributed to this campaign which will make a big difference to women with the desire and talent to serve the Church.  Professor Lash will always be remembered at MBIT through the work of its students out in the world not only in the UK and Ireland, but as far afield as the Philippines, Kenya, and Australia.  Prof Lash’s theological library is also housed in MBIT’s gracious wood panelled Lash Library, a space used daily by our students.  Rest in peace Professor Nicholas Lash.

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Join us in making this vision a reality, please contact the Principal, Dr Anna Abram, to discuss any of the above.

Support Us In Your Will

Every gift in every will makes a difference, however large or small.  Future generations will need the support of an energetic and authentic Church more and more as they confront social disenfranchisement, environmental issues, pandemics and war in the decades to come. It could be the difference between the Church surviving and thriving in the coming century.

Your legacy will drive forward this change.

Gifts in wills do not have to be large. Even 1% of your estate would be change-making for us. And your loved ones would still receive 99%.

Our legal name for your solicitor to insert in your will is: Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology of 12 Grange Road Cambridge CB3 9DU; charity registration number 1041031.

Your will is a private matter and you do not have to tell us about your gift; but knowing about it helps us to plan and to show our gratitude for your love.  If you would like to talk to someone about making a gift to MBIT in your will please contact our Bursar at

Make A Regular Monthly Donation

Regular income helps us to plan and gives confidence to other funders. If you are a tax payer the gift aid reclaim makes your gift go further at no cost to you. You can download a Regular Giver Form or contact our Bursar at

American friends and supporters of MBIT are able to use for tax efficient giving. Cambridge in America promotes interest in and support for Cambridge among alumni and friends in the United States.

We Thrive On Your Friendship, Advocacy and Prayer:

Reconnect with us if you are an alumna and tell us about what you are doing now.

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Recommend the Institute to a prospective student. We are nothing without students.  Graduates are the fruit of our work.

Be an ambassador for lay Catholic theological formation and employment in your parish and your diocese. Progress has been made in many ways towards the position where the Catholic Church accepts that the mission and ministry of the Church is exercised by the whole body serving the needs of God’s world. But there is much still to be done.

Pray for the work of the Institute, that it will bear fruit in abundance.