Who we are

As a lay Catholic Institute in the heart of Cambridge and part of the Cambridge Theological Federation, we resource lay people theologically both within and outside of the Catholic tradition. We provide specialist theological education and open learning opportunities for both individuals and groups.

We offer courses, study days, workshops, seminars and conferences that promote the study of theology, ethics, philosophy, pastoral practice, spirituality and theological reflection in dynamic ways that seek to meet and address twenty-first century global needs. In line with our foundational principles, we continue to promote the resourcing of women through a community life that is open to all. Through our teaching and learning we facilitate exchange with art, culture and social justice initiatives. We resource schools, parishes, hospitals, prisons and other institutions with expertise, training and pastoral support. Our theology engages with different professional and community-based (service) needs and perspectives. This is enriched and enabled by an interdisciplinary approach that is at the heart of our educational work. Many of our students gain qualifications from the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University (DTM, BA, MA, MPhil, Prof Doc, PhD).

We hope that our 2020–21 programme will whet your appetite for studying with us – both in terms of your personal interests and your professional, pastoral or voluntary service needs. All our courses will have online facility – providing access to students from all over the world. We hope, as COVID-19 restrictions lift, that there may also be opportunities to run some of the classes additionally in person. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Margaret Beaufort Institute, whether online, in person or both

Anna Abram and Sue Price

Co Principals

The Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology Academic Team:

Dr Anna Abram, Co Principal, aa2008@cam.ac.uk

Dr Sue Price, Co Principal and Pastoral Outreach Coordinator, sep56@cam.ac.uk

Dr Férdia Stone-Davis, Director of Research, fjs23@cam.ac.uk

Dr Louise Nelstrop, Director of Studies, ln348@cam.ac.uk

Studying With Us

There is something for everyone.

Our courses range from short study days and entry level certificates, that require no prior knowledge, to undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. We offer a range of degrees:

We offer students the opportunity to study in a small community environment in the heart of Cambridge.

As part of the Cambridge Theological Federation, students have access to world class libraries.

The Cambridge Theological Federation creates a unique ecumenical student body that engenders respect for different perspectives.

On many of our courses, students have an opportunity to study alongside students from a wide range of Christian denominations, as well as those from other faith traditions or none.

Our Courses


University of Cambridge Undergraduate Courses

Anglia Ruskin University Masters Courses


MA in Spirituality

The MA in Spirituality is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of spirituality within the Christian tradition, across all traditions–Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, etc.

Higher Degree

Short Courses, Study Days and Workshops