Book Launch of ‘The Philosophers Daughters’

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In ‘The Philosophers’ Daughters’, two young people, Petra and Thora Vardy, pose direct and challenging questions about God, humanity, the universe, relationships, environment and wealth. Philosophers, theologians, scientists and religious leaders attempt to offer some answers or at least show how to engage with the questions. Amongst contributors are MBIT’s Anna Abram, Michael Barnes, Louise Nelstrop, Sue Price, and Gemma Simmonds, as well as other Mark Oakley, Dean of St John’s College, Cambridge, cardinals and bishops. The book is beautifully illustrated by Rabbi Dan Cohn Sherbok.

The launch of the book (published in March 2023 by DLT) will take place on 7 March at MBIT, 4 pm. The authors (Petra, Thora and their parents, Peter and Charlotte Vardy) will be at the event. Peter Vardy who edited the book was Vice Principal of Heythrop College, University of London. He now runs the largest events for sixth-form students of Philosophy and Religious Studies in Britain. Young people and adults who care about the education of children will find the book appealing and fascinating. All welcome to attend.

Blurb of the Book

Why care for the weak and vulnerable if survival is all that matters? Why are people so concerned with fashions and the labels on clothes? Isn’t religion just a matter of being conditioned by your parents? How do we explain the Big Bang? What is love?

In this book, he shares 54 of these questions – a reflection of some of the most important questions and concerns of many young people around the world – with helpful answers offered by him and some of the world’s leading thinkers.

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