Mini-Series: Rhineland and Spanish Mysticism

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The first study day will focus on Hadewijch and Meister Eckhart. There was a burgeoning of mystical writings in the late middle ages, especially in the Rhineland region Northern Europe. These texts were both highly experimental and theologically innovative, offering new ways of living in the presence of God. We’ll look at a selection of the writings of Hadewijch, a leader of a community of women known as Beguines, and of the more famous Meister Eckhart, to learn something about their spiritual teaching and consider their value for today.

The second study day will examine John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross have been regarded as the greatest mystical teachers of western Christianity. Here we take a fresh look at some of their key teachings, asking about their contribution for spirituality today and also noting their difference of character and approach. The influence of the Rhineland mystics (Day 1) will be traced in their though, to help understand some of their most profound ideas.

Course Leader: Dr Eddie Howells

Course date: 3rd and 10th March 2021 TBC, 10.30am–4.00pm (includes lunch and coffee breaks)

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