Prophetic Imagination: A Conversation between Thomas Merton and Abraham Joshua Heschel

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This study day will explore two of the most influential thinkers and faith leaders of the twentieth century.  Merton, a Catholic priest/monk and Heschel, a Jewish rabbi embodied the prophetic imagination in their writing, in their relationships and in their lives. Through them, we will see how the issues of their time – race, technological advances, interfaith relations, failures in the exercise of ethical leadership and the search for authenticity in religious practice – are the self-same issues that challenge us in the twenty-first century. A dialogue of hearts, minds and souls with opportunity for active engagement and reflection.

Course Leaders: Susanne Jennings & Dr Melanie Préjean-Sullivan

Date: Saturday 22 January, 2.00–4.30pm

Cost: £35

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Susanne Jennings studied theology at Cambridge and previously worked in the Diocese of East Anglia with special responsibility for adult religious education and spiritual formation, liturgy and interfaith. Her special interest lies in Catholicism and Judaism as evinced by Thomas Merton and Abraham Joshua Heschel for which she has given conference papers and written articles. She currently tutors in Theology and English Literature, works as a freelance copy editor and proofreader and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art. An alumna of MBIT, she was appointed President of the Margaret Beaufort Association in 2020.

Dr. Melanie Préjean-Sullivan is a Visiting Lecturer for MBIT and an Inter-Spiritual Chaplain in Louisville, Kentucky USA. A retired campus minister and university lecturer, Melanie is a practicing Catholic and an associate with a local synagogue where she teaches comparative courses on Jewish and Catholic history and practice.

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