Women Who Changed the Church Lecture: On “Unruly” Catholic Nuns

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Dr. Jeana DelRosso of Notre Dame of Maryland University will address the voices of current and former Catholic nuns who write about their lived experiences with Catholicism, both in accordance and in conflict with the institutional Church. Through their writings we learn how these women act out their missions of social justice, challenge cultural and governmental policies, and attempt to reconcile their unruliness with their religious orders and the strictures of the church hierarchy.

Date/ Time: 3 March 2022, 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Cost: £10

Lecturer: Dr Jeana DelRosso

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Women Who Changed the Church is a series of 8 lectures during the Spring of 2022 which showcase the varied voices of women throughout history and up to today who have enriched and transformed church practice, communities, and ideas.

We offer 3 intensive workshops alongside the lectures to discuss the topics presented each week in smaller, focused groups. These workshops compose one module of our women-only Catholic Theology and Practice certificate programme. The all-in cost for all 8 lectures plus the workshops is £180. See our website for more information or contact apply@mbit.cam.ac.uk.

About the Lecturer:

Jeana DelRosso, Ph.D., is Sister Maura Eichner Endowed Professor of English at Notre Dame of Maryland, University in Baltimore. She is the author of Writing Catholic Women: Contemporary International Catholic Girlhood Narratives. She is co-editor with Leigh Eicke and Ana Kothe of The Catholic Church and Unruly Women Writers: Critical Essays and Unruly Catholic Women Writers: Creative Responses to Catholicism. Her articles have appeared in books as well as in such journals as NWSA Journal, MELUS, and The Journal of Popular Culture

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