Women Who Changed the Church: Teresa of Avila: Reformer, Mystic, Spiritual Guide

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St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) is a towering figure in Christian spirituality, her influence extending far beyond the Carmelite Order in which she established her reformed or ‘discalced’ branch of nuns and friars, now spread throughout the world.  In an age when women were expected to restrict their spiritual horizons to reciting vocal prayers and receiving the sacraments, Teresa discovered friendship with Christ as the gateway to contemplative prayer, experienced for herself the most exalted forms of mystical union and, undaunted by the Inquisition, encouraged her sisters to do likewise.  Her mystical writings quickly became spiritual classics and continue to be read today as sure guides for all Christians wishing to deepen their prayer.  Canonised just forty years after her death, in 1970 she was the first woman to be declared a doctor of the universal Church. This talk will explore Teresa’s life and times, as well as introducing us to her writings and the basic precepts of her spiritual wisdom.

Date / Time:  Thursday 3 February 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Cost: £10

Leader:  Dr Sr Jo Robson OCD

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Women Who Changed the Church is a series of 8 lectures during the Spring of 2022 which showcase the varied voices of women throughout history and up to today who have enriched and transformed church practice, communities, and ideas.

We offer 3 intensive workshops alongside the lectures to discuss the topics presented each week in smaller, focused groups. These workshops compose one module of our women-only Catholic Theology and Practice certificate programme. The all-in cost for all 8 lectures plus the workshops is £180.

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