We are delighted to invite you to immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of medieval painting through Cristina del Rosso’s blog. Since 2014, Cristina has been sharing her insights on her blog, guiding us through the stories and anecdotes behind some of the most iconic works of art in history.

Cristina del Rosso, a painter and professor of painting and art history, has devoted her blog to disseminating topics about the history of painting for an audience eager for artistic knowledge but with limited time to explore it. Her goal is to provide solid content in an accessible and entertaining way.

Having exhibited her work in private and public collections worldwide, Cristina del Rosso has participated in exhibitions in various countries, from Argentina to Sweden.

Click on the link below and seize this opportunity to expand your understanding and appreciation of art, as well as the role of women in medieval book illustrations.

Hidden Hands: Women´s Collaborative Contributions in Medieval Art