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Beggars for Heaven: The Inheritance of Jacques and Raïssa Maritain

Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BJ Cambridge, United Kingdom

A landmark conference open to scholars, students, lay and religious; to appraise the spiritual and intellectual inheritance of Jacques and Raïssa Maritain. Call for papers open until 29/02/2024 Conference-CFP.pdf (cam.ac.uk) 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of Jacques Maritain’s death, providing an opportunity to reflect on the life and work of this charismatic French philosopher. A Catholic convert from agnosticism, Maritain authored over seventy books, passionately advocating the perennial wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. He influenced philosophers, theologians, politicians, popes, painters, and poets, yet he remains far less known in the UK than elsewhere. No less charismatic was Raïssa Maritain, Jacques’ [...]

£10 – £35

Discovering Jesus Through Thomas Aquinas

Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BJ Cambridge, United Kingdom

In person and Online The course will introduce students to the mystery of the Incarnation, the Person and Natures in Christ (including major heresies to be avoided), Christ’s grace and knowledge, his unity of being, unity of two wills and two operations, his prayer, Christ as priest and mediator, certain mysteries of Christ’s life such as his baptism and Transfiguration, as well as his passion, death, resurrection, ascension, and coming again as judge. This course will primarily utilize St. Thomas’s Summa theologiae, and will include opportunities for discussion and questions. This course will be recorded and the course material will [...]


Study Day on the Eucharistic Prayer

Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BJ Cambridge, United Kingdom

In the words of the Second Vatican Council: ‘the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows’ (SC, 10). The eucharist lies at the very heart of the liturgy, in which, as the Council teaches, Christ associates the church with himself in the celebration of the paschal mystery of his death and resurrection; we see this effected in and through the eucharistic prayer together with eucharistic communion. A central dimension of the eucharistic prayer is that it is a powerful Trinitarian statement of the [...]


Ethics in the Professional Context

Online with Zoom

This interactive, interdisciplinary course is designed to explore ethical concepts as they form, relate and critique a particular professional context, with a view to helping students develop their own foundations and tools for reasoning about their own professional ethics. Elements such as sources of ethical thinking and moral imagination; central concepts such as equality, common good, human dignity; the value and spirituality of work; the role of ethics in society, all contribute to the theological context in which a particular profession will be approached. Various case studies will be introduced throughout the course in order to address these questions and [...]