Jackie Tevlin, a MBIT alumna has kindly agreed to post her poem “St Clare of Assisi”.  Thank you Jackie!  We welcome other alumnae to submit poems, artwork or stories.
St Clare of Assisi

Blessed soul of grace,

Attentive to the preacher’s word,

A palm you waved in joy –

Receiving the light of faith,

Whilst waiting on His command.

Trapped in the pain of glass ,

Looking out but never in,

With wealth of ermine –

Kept in style, kept in frustration.

Unable to begin responding to

God’s plan, whilst tucked up safe within

A fortress walls.

Let me loose, let me cast off the coat of pride,

The shoes of arrogance, the watch of senseless time;

Let me open up the bedroom window –

And let me feel the knowledge

Of the senses play ~

Let me open up the vast oak door !

Undo the lock! Lift up the key !

And to the orchard –run and play.

And pray.

Blessed soul of grace,

Yield now to a life unstained by human touch.

But feel instead the hand of God

Reach out and lift you up .

Apple of His eye ~

Safe beneath His angel’s guardianship,

The rainbow wings of heaven.

Let the mosaic fit together now .

Let the shape, and cut and colour,

Form the picture

For which she yearns and

As the corporeal body fails,

And falls to dust –

Lift up lift out that spirit ,

Pure and golden –

And thus she may give her true self

Finally, triumphantly to God.