Development of the chapel

We want to convert the chapel to a flexible worship, library and public space

During the 1950s, when our building was the convent of the Canonesses of St Augustine, the large chapel was used for regular worship and, on Sundays in particular, was open to lay people. Currently under-used, its proposed redevelopment represents Phase 2 of the strategic plan for the whole site; Phase 1 having comprised remodeling and expansion of residential accommodation completed March 2020.

Detailed and costed plans have been drawn up by our architects to remodel this large open space and increase its capacity by inserting a mezzanine floor over half of the area to provide rooms on two floors which can be used flexibly as teaching, resource and study spaces.

The ground floor will be remodeled as a library area, with the flexibility to open out into a space for larger worship celebrations than the present Oratory allows, and also for lectures, performance and exhibitions.

These facilities will significantly enhance MBIT as a unique centre for the study of theology for regular students and all those staying for shorter courses and conferences.  It will also be available for use by other members of the Cambridge Theological Federation. The space would generate income for the Institute.

The cost of this redevelopment is in the region of £700,000

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MBIT is dedicated to the Higher Education of Catholic women.  We believe the formation of women’s theological voices is vital to the integrity of the Church. With the worldwide crisis of too few priests and their loss of authority the Catholic Church will only survive and thrive because of the active support of lay people; women in particular.

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