Believing, not Belonging: A research into why Catholics no longer come to church.

CENTRE FOR ECCLESIAL ETHICS RESEARCH PUBLICATION Believing, not Belonging - A research into why Catholics no longer come to church: understanding ecclesial drift, estrangement and disaffiliation. The Believing, not Belonging research carried out during the summer of 2023, created a space through which Catholic women and men who no longer regularly practise their faith might be seriously listened to, so as to understand the complex decision-making and reasoning which has led to a scenario in which many Catholics still believe, yet no longer feel as though they belong in the Church. The research has uncovered significant experiences of ethical, ecclesial [...]

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Hidden Hands: Women´s Collaborative Contributions in Medieval Art

We are delighted to invite you to immerse yourselves in the fascinating world of medieval painting through Cristina del Rosso's blog. Since 2014, Cristina has been sharing her insights on her blog, guiding us through the stories and anecdotes behind some of the most iconic works of art in history. Cristina del Rosso, a painter and professor of painting and art history, has devoted her blog to disseminating topics about the history of painting for an audience eager for artistic knowledge but with limited time to explore it. Her goal is to provide solid content in an accessible and entertaining [...]

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Certificate in Catholic Studies (DCCS)

This latest version of the DCCS is an exciting new development, and aims to enable a wider audience to take part and learn. It is hoped that it will also encourage people to study other courses and become a way of supporting ongoing spiritual development. The course is available via the RCDEA Training app, existing diocesan partner apps and can be delivered through new custom apps for other dioceses. Please find more information by clicking here.

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MBA Pearl Jubilee Journal

Dear Friends, We are delighted to share some of the many highlights, as well as articles that stem from these events or are fine, standalone pieces, from our packed 30th-anniversary year in this special edition of the MBA Pearl Jubilee Journal. Our 2023 anniversary calendar included events connected with our patron, Lady Margaret Beaufort; a silent retreat and a Julian of Norwich pilgrimage; a gala fundraising concert held in the chapel of Fitzwilliam College; a Garden Party for the Cambridge Alumni Festival weekend in the beautiful grounds of Blackfriars Priory; a Mass celebrated by the Bishop of East Anglia, the [...]

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Beggars for heaven. The Inheritance of Jacques and Raïssa Maritain

Beggars for Heaven: The Inheritance of Jacques and Raïssa Maritain MBIT Day Conference – Wednesday 13 March 2024 – CALL FOR PAPERS A day conference open to scholars, students, lay and religious; to appraise the spiritual and intellectual inheritance of Jacques and Raïssa Maritain. Papers are welcome in any area relating specifically to Jacques or Raïssa Maritain, or to their unique complementarity. The conference aims to explore the legacy of the Maritains very broadly, emphasising ways in which their work still addresses the cultural, political, and theological spheres, in the academy and the Church. We intend that this conference is [...]

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In Loving Memory of Loughlin Hickey

We are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Loughlin Hickey over the weekend. As one of Margaret Beaufort Institute (MBIT) trustees, Loughlin demonstrated profound care for MBIT, actively leading and supporting various developments, including the MBIT Distinctiveness conversation, sustainability initiatives, fundraising focus, and investment policy. Loughlin was a wise and reliable friend, a creative thinker, and an adept networker. His commitment extended beyond MBIT to various charity projects, notably co-founding Blueprint for Better Business, tirelessly connecting major corporations with the imperative of serving the public purpose and common good. His impact and presence will be profoundly missed, and [...]

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Education- Where to Start?

On October 15th, MBIT's Principal, Dr Anna Abram, delivered a sermon on education and the quest for truth at the Queens' College Chapel in Cambridge during Evensong. Would you like to read it? Just simply click here.

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Short Courses for 2023-2024

Are you thinking of taking one of our short courses this year? We hope that our 2023/24 programme will whet your appetite for studying with us – both in terms of your personal interests and your professional, pastoral or voluntary service needs.  Topics covered include: Key thinkers in Christian Spirituality, Spirituality and the Arts, Aquinas’s Christology, Ethics, bioethics, and Biblical Studies. Our courses and events will also enable you to delve into contemporary dialogue on the synodal Church, interfaith dialogue, and a symposium on the diaconal ordination of women. All our courses will have online facilities – providing access to [...]

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