CTP Module 4 Women Who Changed the Church Workshop 2 of 3

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From the women of the scripture to Catholic Women Speak, women have consistently changed church practice, communities, and ideas.  This eight lecture series, including this year’s Mary Ward lecture, will explore inspirational women whose lives and actions have been transformational within the Church.  By focusing on women in the historical and contemporary church, the course is designed to open discussion spaces to celebrate, uncover, and critique the contributions of women to and through Church history.

Speakers include:  Prof Shannen Dee Williams of Villanova University (Mary Ward Lecture 2022), Prof Jeana Del Rosso of Notre Dame of Maryland University, Dr Sue Price, Dr Phyllis Zagano, Prof Charlotte Methuen, Pavlína Kašparová, and Dr Carmen M. Mangion of the University of London among others.

Course Leaders: Dr Louise Nelstrop and  Dr Férdia Stone Davis

Dates: Thursday afternoons 20 January to 10 March 2021, 2 pm to 3.30pm.

There will be 3 workshops from 4:00pm to 5:30pm in weeks 3, 5, and 7 in which we will discuss key readings associated with the lectures.

This event is included in the £180 paid for the CTP module.  The CTP module includes all 8 lectures and 3 workshops

Evening Liturgy 6pm

The lectures will online.  The workshops are in person at Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge, but if this is not possible then the workshops will be online.   More information closer to the time.

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