Women Who Changed the Church Lecture: Female Self Understanding, Theological Reflection and the Practice of Art

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In this lecture, Sr  Pavlína Marie Kašparová will focus on female self-understanding, introducing recent case studies, including those from her research project, ‘The Women of the Book’, in which she investigated the presence of religious femininity and its representation in public. She will discuss how such work relates to the theme of women’s identity and self-image within the Catholic Church and its teaching. She will also explore how theological reflection and art practice is used as a methodology to express, analyse and communicate the topic of self-representation to the women involved in her research (both in terms of self-journaling and discernment) and thus is part of a chain of communication with the public. More information about her project can be found on her website: www.creativenun.com

Date:  17 February 2022, 2:00pm to 3:30

Cost:  £10

Lecturer: Sr Pavlína Marie Kašparová OP

Women Who Changed the Church is a series of 8 lectures during the Spring of 2022 which showcase the varied voices of women throughout history and up to today who have enriched and transformed church practice, communities, and ideas.

We offer 3 intensive workshops alongside the lectures to discuss the topics presented each week in smaller, focused groups. These workshops compose one module of our women-only Catholic Theology and Practice certificate programme. The all-in cost for all 8 lectures plus the workshops is £180.

Pavlína Marie Kašparová is a professional artist, art mentor and theologian. She is a Dominican religious sister living and working in the Czech Republic and the UK. She has a special focus on the theology of creation and human development mediated through artistic vocation.

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