Ethics in the Professional Context

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This interactive, interdisciplinary course is designed to explore ethical concepts as they form, relate and critique a particular professional context, with a view to helping students develop their own foundations and tools for reasoning about their own professional ethics. Elements such as sources of ethical thinking and moral imagination; central concepts such as equality, common good, human dignity; the value and spirituality of work; the role of ethics in society, all contribute to the theological context in which a particular profession will be approached. Various case studies will be introduced throughout the course in order to address these questions and discuss the possibilities of responsible professional practice. It will draw on key philosophical and religious issues and ideas about being human, discussed in the shared core module ‘Human Condition’ in relation to professional practice. Each year a different professional context will be considered and it will include: market economy, prison service, healthcare, media and education.

Tuesday’s – 5 pm – 7 pm: 7th May to 4th June + Saturday 12th October 1.30 pm – 5 pm

Course Leader: Dr Anna Abram

This course is Online and recorded. The recordings and course material will be available via an online portal.

For more information please contact Adele:

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