MA Bursaries

Engaging in postgraduate education is expensive but essential for human development. This is especially difficult for students from the global south but also for home students.  Our innovative and flexible modes of delivery could enable a greater number of students to gain qualifications and serve others in their communities. We are appealing for both match funding and full bursaries.

£4,000 will match fund the MA programme for a home student.

£8,000 will match fund the MA programme for an international student

Nalini Nathan received a bursary to become the Institute’s first graduate from the Anglia Ruskin University MA in Contemporary Ethics. She writes: “It was a delight to find this hidden gem. MBIT has a very welcoming and caring atmosphere. It’s also been great to work alongside students of different faith backgrounds.

“The taught Masters programme offered much flexibility, giving the opportunity to attend lectures, study online or a combination of the two. Everyone is very supportive, give quick responses to your queries and there are plenty of resources available to make studying from home possible. It feels like everyone wants you to do well. Working full-time, I would never have had the opportunity to study without this flexibility and support. The staff have been wonderful and I very much consider it a blessed time.”

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MBIT is dedicated to the Higher Education of Catholic women.  We believe the formation of women’s theological voices is vital to the integrity of the Church. With the worldwide crisis of too few priests and their loss of authority the Catholic Church will only survive and thrive because of the active support of lay people; women in particular.

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