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Engaging in postgraduate and research education is expensive but essential for human development. This is especially difficult for students from the global South but also for home students.  Our innovative and flexible modes of delivery could enable a greater number of students to gain qualifications and serve others in their communities.   We are appealing for both match funding and full bursaries.

£14,000 will cover the full fees for a MPhil, PhD or ProfDoc student

Dr Catherine Sexton completed her PhD in 2019. She writes:

“I completed my PhD studies in Practical Theology at Margaret Beaufort. I came to the subject without a lot of formal study in theology but the staff were excellent in helping me shape my ideas –  encouraging and supportive. I had really excellent supervision from my supervisory team – just the right combination of challenge, direction and gentle support. It’s a lovely place to study in terms of its atmosphere and gardens, complete with orchard. It’s a welcoming, open atmosphere with a real community feel to it. It is also very encouraging of Catholic women who want to take their initial and perhaps tentative steps in theology, but who then want to be stretched to be as good as you can be, and formed to be more effective in pastoral ministry or go forward into academia.”

Catherine Sexton, 2nd From Right

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MBIT is dedicated to the Higher Education of Catholic women.  We believe the formation of women’s theological voices is vital to the integrity of the Church. With the worldwide crisis of too few priests and their loss of authority the Catholic Church will only survive and thrive because of the active support of lay people; women in particular.

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