Social Action Projects

Social Action Projects  in prisons, detention centres, and police chaplaincy

The Institute is developing resources for pastoral workers in prisons. ‘Flourishing Inside’ is supported by a grant from the Plater Trust until October 2020. This project will develop theological and ethical resources for pastoral work in prison as well as feed into Catholic social teaching. We perceive a need to extend this work into other areas such as detention centres and the police service.

Scoping will cost £2,000.

£3,000 will enable us to organise and host a conference and a further £3,000 will cover three seminars for staff and volunteers working with the police and immigration services.

This work is carried out in collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT) which is now based at the Institute.

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MBIT is dedicated to the Higher Education of Catholic women.  We believe the formation of women’s theological voices is vital to the integrity of the Church. With the worldwide crisis of too few priests and their loss of authority the Catholic Church will only survive and thrive because of the active support of lay people; women in particular.

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