Dr Aileen Walsh

Dr Aileen Walsh

Academic Summary

University of Bradford:                   BSc Hon Biomedical Sciences.

Leeds College of Health:                Adult Nursing.

Huddersfield University:               PGCE.

Keele University:                              Dip HE Medical Ethics and Law.

DMedETh: Doctors’ orders and morally distressed nurses: Professionally sanctioned conscientious objection is not the solution.


Research interests

Whilst at the Margaret Beaufort Institute I hope to explore:

How might issues that arise in medical ethics, such as moral distress, moral injury, compassion, resilience and burnout be informed by theological and pastoral insights in the field of spirituality, spiritual formation, and religion?

How ought we to include spirituality and religion within the undergraduate medical curriculum?

Is there a place for the spiritual formation of health care professionals and if so how could we go about it?



Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality: Current student Spiritual direction formation programme.

School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge University: Senior Clinical Tutor.



Malloy DC., Sevigny P., Fahey-McCarthy E., Lee Y., Liu P., Murakami M., Walsh A. & Hadjistabropoulos T., (2017) ‘An international study of nurses’ ideology and religiosity’ Journal of Community and Public Health Nursing 3(2).

Walsh A., (2010) ‘Pulling the heartstrings arguing the case: a narrative response to the issue of moral agency in moral distress’ Journal of Medical Ethics 36 pp 746-749