Dr Amy Daughton

Dr Amy Daughton

Research Associate

Dr Amy Daughton is Lecturer in Practical Theology in the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham. Previously on the staff at the Margaret Beaufort Institute she continues to form part of the wider research community as a Research Associate.

My time at that Institute intensified my commitment to amplifying women’s voices in theology and widening access to theological education.  Much of my work there was focused on practical theology, a discipline which takes seriously the contribution of women and other lay voices in practice as a constitutive part of the landscape of theological and public reasoning.

Amy’s work understands theology to be a fundamentally practical endeavour, where, as Marcella Althaus-Reid had it, thinking is the symbolic of action, and ‘the living metaphor of possible history’. She is concerned with questions of responsibility, just institutions, and moral life in a plural society and sees such questions as places where conceptual and contextual theology are necessarily mutually informing.  Consequently her work responds to meeting points between theology, politics and practice, with recent writings on Catholic social teaching and development, political populism, and the role of religion on public questions such as labour.

It is work and labour that Amy intends to be the theme of her next phase of work, relating it to themes of care, and of public social practice. She is also a member of the Living in Love and Faith project, supporting the Church of England’s exploration and discernment in the themes of identity and love.

Recent Publications


  1. Phillips, A. Rowlands, A. Daughton (eds.) Political Theology: A Reader(T&T Clark: forthcoming 2019)
  2. Daughton, With and For Others. Developing Ricoeur’s Ethics of Self using Aquinas’s Language of Analogy(Fribourg Academic Press: 2016).
  3. Daughton, J. Silverman (eds.) A Land Like Your Own: Traditions of Israel and Their Reception(Wipf and Stock: 2010)

Articles and chapters

  1. Daughton, ‘Politics’ in Christoph Hübenthal, Christiane Alpers (eds.) T&T Clark Handbook of Public Theology(T&T Clark, forthcoming)
  2. Daughton, ‘Rerum Novarum: Theological reasoning for the public sphere?’ in Studies in Christian Ethics(forthcoming 2019)
  3. Daughton, ‘The Anthropologies of Catholic Social Thought and the Capability Approach’ in Clemens Sedmak, Séverine Deneulin (eds.) Catholic Social Teaching and Capability Theory(Notre Dame University Press, forthcoming 2019).
  4. Daughton, ‘Hope and fear: insights from theology in the philosophy of Paul Ricoeur’ in the European Journal of Philosophy of Religion(forthcoming 2019)
  5. Daughton, ‘Responding to Political Populism with Catholic Social Teaching’ in Bible in Transmission(Autumn 2017) https://www.biblesociety.org.uk/explore-the-bible/bible-in-transmission/the-bible-in-transmission-autumn-2017/