Dr Christine Lai

Dr Christine Lai

Research Associate

Dr. Christine Lai is a scholar-in-practice and practical theologian integrating knowledge and practice, work-life and spirituality in an inter-cultural and inter-religious context. She has been advocating integral care and wellness from midlife to ageing for NGOs, churches and business organizations. She is also a catalyst raising the awareness of spiritual care and integral ageing for elderly in interdisciplinary approach.

Academic Summary                                                                                                                                             

  • Current research on “Spirituality of Ageing from an Intercultural perspective: From Pope Francis’ Integral Human Development to the Chinese Wisdom Tradition”
  • Professional Doctorate of Practical Theology (DProf) on “Midlife transformation of Christian professionals in HK, evolving a spiritual practice model,” Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Theology Federation – 2019
  • Master of Arts in Christian Studies, Divinity School, Chinese University of HK – 2008
  • Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), Polytechnic University of HK – 2003
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Chinese University of HK – 1997
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work major), Chinese University of HK – 1986

Research Interests:

Integral ageing and spiritual care, Midlife transformation, Ignatian spirituality Interfaith and Intercultural dialogue, Integral Human Development

Current Research and Practice Projects

  • Applied research concept of Integral Human Development and Spirituality of ageing at the 8th Bioethics Conference in Hong Kong on “Spiritual care for ageing well and dying well: a Catholic spiritual response” in June 2022
  • Advocating Spirituality of Elderly care and Integral ageing through engagement with parish church leaders and sharing of rich survey and focus group findings with spiritual care resources
  • Collaborating with Caritas Elderly service on “Integral care for elderly, volunteers and carers” project including narrative touching stories, interviews and videos
  • Leading Spiritual retreat and workshops to nurture Integral care and wellness culture for Caritas leaders, social workers and NGOs


Papers and Journals

  • “Towards a Model of Spiritual Practice for the Spiritual Transformation of Midlife Christian professionals in Hong Kong”in Theology Annual Journal 41 (2021), Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, p.91
  • “Spirituality of Ageing for Human Flourishing: Towards a New Paradigm of Economics” in Macau Ricci Institute Journal, MRIJ 7 (2021) (after Assisi Conference on “The Economy of Francesco”), p.74
  • Book of “Challenges and Reflections of Covid” , Bioethics Resource Center of Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, Ming Pao Publishing Co. Ltd. 2020
  • Midlife Transformation of Christian Professionals in Hong Kong: evolving a model for spiritual practice”, A thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Anglia Ruskin University for the degree of Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology, June 2019
  • “Spiritual Humanism in Practice: Spirituality & Coaching – Midlife Executive Transformation for Conference on “Spiritual Humanism: Collectively Constructing a Life Focused Human Community” organized by Centre of Heaven and Earth (Songshan) Forum on Chinese and World Civilizations with Institute of Advanced Humanistic Studies, PKU Songshan, Henan, September 11-13, 2015
  • “Building and Leveraging Interpersonal Trust Within and Across MNE Subsidiaries: A Social Exchange Perspective,” by Christine Lai, Barjinder Singh, Abdullah A. Alshwer, Margaret A. Shaffer, in Journal of International Management, 20 ( 2014), pp. 312-326

Book Chapters

  • To be published by Springer Publisher – Title “Asian Spiritualities and Social Transformation” and Chapter 3 A Spiritual Practice Model – The Transformation of Midlife Christian Professionals in Hong Kong”
  • To be published an E-book with a collaboration paper of four practical theology graduates with Title: “Reflective Journeys of Four Hong Kong Practical Theologians: Transformative Practice through Contextual Research”

Reviewer for Academic Journal

  • Reviewer papers for International Journal of Palliative Nursing (IJPN), Apr – Dec 2021:
  • “International Journal of Palliative Nursing Quality of death of terminally ill patients as perceived by nurses and its related factors”
  • “Spiritual/religious coping strategies & religiosity of cancer patients in palliative care”
  • “Quality of death of terminally ill patients as perceived by nurses and its related factors”
  • “Exploration of delirium assessment and management in a hospice inpatient unit: a mixed methods study”
  • Reviewer on paper “The Economy of Goodness” for Matteo Ricci Institute Journal (MRIJ) April 2021

Presentations at Local and International Conferences and Seminars

  • Nov 2022Presentation paper on “Elderly Care from the Chinese “Yuan Rong” 圓融 (Integral) perspective” at Conference organized by Beijing Yale Center, Hanns Seidel Foundation and Macau Ricci Institute with title on “Strategies for an age-friendly management of the growing number of older people in Germany and China”
  • Sept 2022 – Presentation paper on “Daoism and Integral human development” will be presented at 8thUNESCO Workshop on Bioethics, Multiculturalism and Religion on “Religious Perspectives on Bioethics: Protecting the environment, the biosphere and biodiversity
  • June 2022 – Academic & Program Committee chair for 2022 Bioethics Resource Center Conference with title “Spiritual care for ageing well and dying well: a Catholic response” based on current research and papal teaching on Integral Human Development, a multi-disciplinary approach with reflection and analysis of focus group and survey
  • July 2021 – MBIT workshop on “Ageing on Spirituality series (2): Ageing as a Spiritual Growth: developing fruits of ageing
  • June 2021 – Presentation on “An Intercultural Interpretation of Integral Human Development and Chinese Wisdom Traditions: Implications to End-of-Life Care” and a poster presentation titled “From Despair to Hope at End-of-Life: A Model of Midlife Spiritual Transformation to End-of-Life Spiritual Care” at HK JCECC (Jockey Club End-of-life Community Care) International Conference on Community End-of-Life Care: Sustainable Development and New Frontier
  • May 2021 – A paper of “Spiritual Practice Model: Transformation of midlife Christian professionals in Hong Kong” has been presented at the International Conference on “Spiritual Leadership and Social Transformation” organized by Religion and Culture Department of Chinese University of HK and Academy of Asia Practical Theology (now being reviewed for publication in a book to be published by Springer, or by a local theological journal)
  • Nov 2020 – “Affective experience to knowledge: Meaning making & Life stories” at Research Annual meeting/conference, MBIT
  • Oct 2020 – “Spirituality of Ageing and Human Flourishing”at Macau Ricci Institute Symposium on “Towards a New Paradigm of Economics”
  • Sept 2020 – “Spirituality of Integral Human Development for Ageing: an intercultural dimension” at Oxford McDonald Center of Theology, Ethics and Public Life – Ageing Conference on “Ageing, Suffering and Despair – towards health and care
  • July 2019 – “Midlife Transformation of Christian Professionals in Hong Kong: evolving a model of Spiritual Practice” at 25thBritish Irish Association of Practical Theology Conference

Workshop on Spirituality, Life Planning and Integral Care

  • 2020 – Present Leadership Retreat & Integral wellness workshops for Caritas & Family Service
  • 2020 – 2022 Workshops on Integral Human Development and Spirituality of Ageing at MBIT
  • 2019 Diploma course on “Life planning & Spiritual practice” at CUHK Divinity school
  • 2016 Three-months workshop on “Integral Fulfilment of Life” at St Margaret Church

Intercultural & Inter-religious Dialogue for MBIT & Yuan Dao

Co-organizer for MBIT and HK Yuan Dao Study Society collaboration for a series of webinars since 2020 under the theme of “Living out traditions in contemporary world: an intercultural and interreligious approach” Organized webinars from Oct 2020 – Present with resourced funding by international scholars included some key talks:

  • First international webinar on “In search of Meaning and Fulfillment through Interreligious Dialogue and Interculturation: Vatican Council II, Pope Francis and Beyond”
  • “Pope Francis’s Fratelli Tutti: Meaning and Implications to HK and Catholic Diocese”
  • “Heaven, Earth, Humankind in Harmony: Chinese Art and Christian Spirituality”
  • “Zipoli & Ricci – China, Argentina and Jesuit Baroque”
  • “Decolonising Interfaith Spiritual Care for Non-Christian world”
  • “Church politics: Dialogue, Fraternity and Unity – a Catholic lawyer’s reflection”
  • “Hear the Silent Speak: an Exploration into the Silent Spirituality of Severely Disabled Children”
  • “Nurturing Integral Care and Wellness in Spirituality of Ageing”
  • “Bridges between the Secular and the Religious: Philosophical, Theological and Social Perspectives”
  • “Beyond Political Systems: Catholic Social Teaching and the Common Good”
  • “The Pope of Encounter: Transcending Inter-Religious, Cultural and Civilizational Challenges” – Celebrating 10th anniversary of Pope Francis’s pointificate


  • Researcher at HK Bioethics Resource Centre
  • Guest Professor at HK Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy                                                                                                                                                         
  • Co-Supervisor of DProf students at Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University and Wesley House                                                                           
  • Spiritual Advisor and Integral Care Consultant at Caritas                                                                         
  •  Founder of Management of Heart & Associates Consultancy
  •  Human Resources Director (over 25 years at Morgan Stanley, ABN-AMRO bank, Pearson Education)
  • Vice President, Asia Academy of Practical Theology and Yuan Dao Study Society (promoting inter-cultural & inter-religious dialogue under HK Diocese)

Dr Christine LAI Tin Chi