Dr Gregory Stacey

Dr Gregory Stacey

Research Associate

Gregory completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2018, in which he developed a novel Catholic analysis of the relationship between faith and reason, drawing on Alvin Plantinga’s “Reformed Epistemology” and insights from Augustine, Aquinas, and Newman. Since then, he has continued to pursue research in philosophical theology whilst teaching as a Visiting Lecturer in Theology at Leeds Trinity University and organising a variety of educational programmes as Co-ordinator of Adult Formation in the Diocese of Leeds.

As a Research Associate, Gregory will be working on a project to investigate ways in which aesthetic experiences fostered by liturgical practice might provide justification for propositional religious beliefs. He aims to develop a probabilistic argument for the truth of Christian orthodoxy which draws on evidence accessible through engagement in liturgy, and to investigate the broader impact which aesthetic judgements and experiences may have on evaluations of the success of arguments in philosophy of religion.

Some Recent Publications: 

“Is Catholic Faith Worth Having?” – Religious Studies (pre-published online, 2020)

“Perfect Being Theology and Analogy” – American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 95.1 (Winter 2021)

“Aquinas, Instinct and the “Internalist” Justification of Faith” — New Blackfriars 102 (March 2021).