Dr Ian M. Randall

Dr Ian M. Randall

Academic Summary

1970       MA (Hons) in Economics and History, Aberdeen University.

1986       University of Oxford Certificate in Theology (with distinction), Regent’s Park College, Oxford.

1992       MPhil (CNAA), London Bible College. Title: ‘The career of F. B. Meyer’.

1997       PhD, University of Wales. Title: ‘Movements of Evangelical Spirituality in Inter-War England’.

Research Interests

Spirituality, renewal, community, world Christianity, history of mission, faith in the workplace


Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Senior Research Fellow, IBTSC, Prague, and then Amsterdam

Senior Research Fellow, Spurgeon’s College, London

Honorary Fellow, Manchester Wesley Research Centre

Member, Margaret Beaufort Research Community

Recent publications


A Christian Peace Experiment: The Bruderhof Community in Britain, 1933-1942 (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2018)

Love@Work: 100 Years of the Industrial Christian Fellowship (London: DLT, 2020), with Phil Jump and John Weaver

The Cambridge Theological Federation: A Journey in Ecumenical Learning (Cambridge: CTF, 2022), with Mary Tanner

From Henry Martyn to World Christianity: Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (Cambridge: CCCW, 2022), with Graham Kings and Muthuraj Swamy

Edited volumes

A Kind of Upside-Downness: Learning Disabilities and Transformational Community, edited with David F. Ford and Deborah Hardy Ford (London: Jessica Kingsley, 2020), 232 pages.

Exchange of Gifts: The Vision of Simon Barrington-Ward, edited with Graham Kings (Edinburgh: Ekklesia, 2022), 219 pages.

Articles and chapters

‘“I felt bound to receive all true Christians as brethren”: The expansive ecclesiology of Andrew Jukes (1815-1901)’, in Neil Dickson and T.J. Marinello, eds., The Brethren and the Church (Glasgow: BAHN, 2020), pp. 47-62.

‘John Melville in Odessa: Bible-Related Outreach, 1840s to 1860s’, in Joshua Searle, et al, eds., Encountering the Mystery: Essays in Honor of Sergii V. Sannikov (Odessa: Theological Seminary, 2020), pp. 113-122.

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