Celtic and Medieval Spirituality

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This course will enable students to evaluate key shifts in modern historiographical approaches to Celtic and medieval spirituality, e.g., whether Celtic spirituality is a modern construct. Assess the relationships between spirituality, theology, ecclesiology, science, politics, literature and art in medieval and Celtic thought. It will examine the relationship between Celtic and Medieval Christian spirituality and those of other religious tradition, especially Paganism, Judaism, and Islam. It will also consider the role of women in the Celtic and medieval church and their contribution to spirituality, and the place and function of the eremitic and coenobitical traditions.

The course will be on Tuesday’s 1-5pm – 23rd January, 30th January & 6th February 2024

Pre-course reading will be given

Module Leader: Louise Nelstrop

All sessions will be online.

The recordings and course material will be available via an online portal.

If you require any further details please email Adele at: aa2451@mbit.cam.ac.uk

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